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Find wings to your entrepreneurial dreams by joining Plantonorganic Startup support venture Organicbizz. Invest your ideas, money, and enthusiasm to support organic farmers in Kerala and find yourself a steady, profitable income. Grow and help grow!

Organicbizz: Do business the organic way

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What is Organicbizz?

Organicbizz is a startup project of Plantonorganic Experience Centre, powered by Organic farmers cooperatives for individuals who venture into the most profitable small-scale business in Kerala. The organic food business is an area with a potential consumer base and aims at promoting healthy eating, ethical farming practices, and sustainable living. Through a hygienic and green system, this business model, the best business idea in Kerala with low investment and high profits, benefits not just today’s living beings, but the future generations too.

Benefits of Organicbizz

Get every month a minimum returns
Guidance from leading marketing and business experts
A business model for financial independence and empowerment
A low investment small-scale business idea with great profits


Advantages you can expect when you sign up for our equipment leasing Organicbizz program.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about selling on ORGANICBIZZ. For more questions, please contact us

Whom to benefit?

Anyone who dreams big with their heart in the right place, regardless of gender, aged between 18 and 50 can start a small-scale business venture with Organicbizz. Our doors are open to passionate wannabe business persons, NRIs, those who lost their jobs in the Covid-19 pandemic, those who are looking for a new beginning or alternative business, women who took a career break, etc. Start with a small investment and earn rich dividends.

Know the process of Organicbizz?

Organicbizz is one of the best business plans one can join in Kerala. All they need is a small investment and a motivated heart. Individuals have to build a client network at the area allotted to them and should be committed to working towards maintaining the clientele. Offering the technical, professional, and marketing support to launch a business, Plantonorganic helps individuals to start off on a small scale and eventually progress to a larger scale, depending on the vigour, hard work, and emotional investment the entrepreneur makes.

Why organic food business?

The demand for vegan and immunity-boosting food is already a strong global movement which is bound to rise exponentially as the health insecurity triggered by the Covid-19 contagion has made people increasingly health-conscious. The limelight is on organic food and healthy living across the globe, especially in the post-COVID global scenario.
By supporting pesticide-free farming practices and working towards a greener nature, we are headed for our finest years of life. According to an ASSOCHAM study, last year saw the Indian organic food market at over Rs 1200 crore and is expected to cross Rs 3000 crore in India and $10 billion in the international market by the end of the year. The organic food market in India is headed for a 20-15% spurt by 2021. Lying ahead is fruitful years for the organic food business.

The brains behind Organicbizz?

Organicbizz is a start-up partnership idea powered by Plantonorganic Research Centre, Manarcadu Social Service Society (MASS), and Plantrich towards sustainable farming, balanced and eco-friendly living while supporting ethical practices of agriculture without upsetting biodiversity while boosting the local economy of Kerala. Joining hands with over 5,000 certified organic farmers, MASS, a first-of-its-kind organic and fair-trade farmers’ cooperative, promotes organic farming and organic lifestyle.
By educating and assisting rural farming communities to produce organic agricultural produce using on-farm inputs and the latest local technologies, promoting local harvests like spices, cocoa, coconut products, and herbs, the arms of Plantrich reach out to Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.
By connecting farmers and their stories to people world over, Plantrich helps foster their economic prospects while engaging people in a movement to protect Mother Earth.

How to build a consumer base?

We are here to guide you. Our marketing support team connects to prospective consumers through social media, email, tele-calling, deploying social media influencers, Post Google ads, and air cookery show through various popular channels.

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