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Data Protection Policy

Your Account

Make sure the details you provide us are correct and complete, and let us know immediately if you make any changes to the information you provided during registration for proper delivery of future orders. You can access and update most of the information you provide to us in your number at the specific area of ​​the website. If you use the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and restricting access to your computer to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You agree with the Firm that you are responsible for all activities that take place under your account or password. You should take all necessary steps to ensure that your password is confidential and secure, the firm doesn’t have any source to identify the user or customer who is using the account with anyone’s user id and password.


All clauses that relate to privacy of you under these conditions constitute the privacy policy of the Firm. The terms mentioned hereunder shall govern your visit on the website. The personal information / data you provide to us during the use of the website will be strictly confidential and subject to the Privacy policy and applicable laws and regulations. If you object to the sharing or use of your information limited for the purpose of this website, please do not use the Website.

For Emails

If you use any other false website which is way similar to the website,  these false websites can steal your sensitive information; later, this information can be used without your knowledge to commit fraud and any other illegal activity. To protect yourself from responding to these emails and revealing sensitive or private information, you can follow a few simple rules:

Know what Plantonorganic.com won’t ask for

Plantonorganic.com will never ask you for the following information in an e-mail communication:

  1. Your bank account information, credit card number, PIN number, or credit card security code (including “updates” to any of the above)
  2. Your mother’s maiden name or other information to identify you (such as your place of birth or your favourite pet’s name)
  3. Your website password. 

Check the mail address

To check whether the mail is from Plantonorganic.com or Plantonorganic.com or from a “phisher” the test to be used is as follows. 

  1. Genuine emails come from an email address ending in “@Plantonorganic.com”. B.
  2. While phishers often send forged email to make it look like it comes from Plantonorganic.com, you can frequently determine whether it’s authentic by checking the return address. C.
  3. If the “from” line of the email looks like “Plantonorganic-security@hotmail.com” or “Plantonorganic-payments@msn.com,” or contains the name of another Internet Service Provider (ISP), you can be sure it is a fraudulent email. D.
  4. Most email clients let you examine the source of the e-mail. Check the email header information to see that the “received from,” “reply to,” and “return path” for the email comes from @Plantonorganic.com or @Plantonorganic.com. The method you use to check the header information varies depending upon the e-mail client you use.

Check the website address

www.Plantonorganic.com” We never use a combination such as “security-Plantonorganic.com” or “Plantonorganic.com.biz”. Some phishing e-mails include a link that looks as though it will take you to your seller account, but it is really a shortened link to a completely different website. If you hover over the link in your email client, you can sometimes see the underlying, false Web address, either as a popup or as information in the browser status bar.

For Calls

Unfortunately, these fraudulent callers sound quite legit. We suggest you consider a few things before taking any action as any information revealed by you can be used later to commit a fraud.

Know what Plantonorganic.com won’t ask for while on call:

  1. Firm doesn’t run any contest where the customers have to pay to participate in a contest or asks you for your bank details for any lottery/ cash money transaction.
  2. Firm won’t ask you for any sensitive information related to your website account (Account Password, Saved cards, Last transition details etc.) or banking accounts (Bank account number, CVV etc.).
  3. Firm never calls you regarding any contest or offer as they are clearly visible on the website or the mobile application.

What to do when you receive any such call?

  1. Be conscious and wise while responding to such calls.
  2. Never reveal any sensitive information or any details that can be used to identify you such as your date of birth, your Maiden’s name, your pet’s name, or/and others.
  3. In case you wish to take action on this, you can report the same to your nearest police station and the firm will cooperate with any police investigation in this regard.

What Firm ask from customers/users

The information we learn from customers helps us to personalize and constantly improve your shopping experience through the website. We use your information to assist sellers in handling orders, deliver products and services, process payments, communicate with you about orders, products, services and promotional offers, update our records and generally maintain your accounts with us, display content such as wish lists and customer reviews and recommend merchandise and services that might be of interest to you. We also use this information to improve our platform, prevent or detect fraud or abuses of our website and enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical or other functions on our behalf. 

  1. The below are the types of information we collect.
  2. Information You Give Us: We accept and store any information you provide on our Website or otherwise provide it to us. You may choose not to provide certain information, but you may not be able to take advantage of many of our features. We use the information you provide to respond to your requests, customize future shopping for you, improve our platform, and communicate with you.
  3. Automatic Information: We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us. For example, like many websites, we use “cookies” and we obtain certain types of information when your Web browser accesses Plantonorganic.com or advertisements and other content served by or on behalf of Plantonorganic.com on other Web sites. We can / will store information about your location and your mobile device, including a unique identifier for your device. We may also use this information for internal analysis and to provide you with location – based services such as advertising, search results, and other personal content.

If we are required to share the above information with government authorities and agencies for verification of identity or for prevention, detection or investigation, including cyber incidents, prosecution and crime punishment, you agree and agree to disclose your information given to the firm through the website as required by applicable law.

Information through Cookies

Cookies are the alphanumeric identifiers we transmit to your computer’s hard drive through your web browser to identify your browser and provide features such as our Recommendations. Additionally, you can disable or delete similar data used by browser add-ons, such as Flash cookies, by changing the add-ons settings or visiting the website of its manufacturer. However, since cookies allow you to take advantage of some essential features of Plantonorganic.com, we recommend turning them on. For example, if you block or reject our cookies, you will not be able to add items to your shopping cart, go to checkout, or use any of the Plantonorganic.com products or services you need to sign in. If you do leave cookies turned on, be sure to sign off when you finish using a shared computer.

Does the firm share the Information it receives?

Information about our customers is an important part of our business and we are not in the business of selling it to others. firm shares customer information only as affiliates of the firm and the subsidiaries of the firm in which the firm has controls and that are either subject to this Privacy Notice or follow practices at least as protective as those described in the Privacy Notice.

Third Party Service Providers: 

We hire other companies and individuals to carry out our interests. Execute orders, deliver packages, send postal mail and e-mail, remove duplicate information from customer lists, analyze data, provide marketing assistance, enter search results and links (including paid listings and links), and process credit card payments. They have access to the personal information needed to carry out their activities, but do not use it for other purposes. In addition, they must process personal information in accordance with applicable law in accordance with the privacy policy.

How Secure Is Information About Me?

  1. We reveal only the last four digits of your credit card numbers when confirming an order. Of course, we transmit the entire credit card number to the appropriate credit card company during order processing.
  2. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage and disclosure of personal information (including sensitive personal information). Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we disclose personal information to you.
  3. It is important for you to protect against unauthorised access to your password and to your computer. Be sure to sign off when you finish using a shared computer. Click here for more information on how to sign off.

Information You Can Access

  1. Examples of information you can access easily at Plantonorganic.com include: up-to-date information regarding recent orders; personal information (including name, e-mail, password, communications and personalised advertising preferences and address book); payment settings (including credit-card information and gift certificate, gift card and cheque balances); e-mail notification settings (including Alerts, Available to Order notifications, Delivers, Recommended for You and newsletters); recommendations (including recent product-view history, prior-order history and Favourites); Wish Lists and Marketplace seller accounts and Your Profile (including your product Reviews, Requests and Recommendations, your Listmania lists, “So You’d Like to…” guides, personal profile, people you tagged as interesting, and Plantonorganic Friends).
  2. Redressal officer contact and address in case of privacy violation
  3. Noel Alex
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