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‘Eat Healthy, Live Long’ summarises our mission – to strive for a healthy world.

Plantonorganic’s motto is deep-rooted in humanity and quality of life.

At a time when the whole world is battling known and unknown illnesses that stall daily life and upset peaceful co-existence, chemical-free and pesticide-free food play an important role in the overall well-being of the population. To save the human race from ill health and threat, Plantonorganic is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy diet for consumers across the globe. Business, for us, is beyond monetary gains.

According to international researches, organic food is headed for a never-before-seen spurt in the post-COVID 19 eras, turning people more health-conscious after fighting the coronavirus by shutting themselves from social life for months. A recent survey predicts a 25-30% growth for Indian organic food market, projected to touch Rs 20 billion by the end of the current fiscal year, implying a strong push for agriculture and business sectors.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Plantonorganic is planning to meet the increased demand for organic spices, spice curry mixes, coffee, superfood, pulses, dried fruits and other 100% natural essentials procured from certified organic farmers from India for the consumers’ daily needs and to boost their immunity, as suggested by health experts.

Sourcing from organic certified farms

What makes Plantonorganic services distinguished is that we source organic agricultural produce directly from organic certified farmers and connect to the consumers. Our core idea based on farmer sustainability and women empowerment, Plantonorganic, for us, is a social commitment too. Direct procurement from organic farmers is a part of Plantonorganic’s mission to ensure traceability and transparency in the product supply chain and show that each product is free from pesticides and chemicals. By offering fair prices to the farmers, Plantonorganic eliminates the role of middlemen who exploit them. Our carefully-thought processes promise decent livelihood for the farming community and sustainable supply chain channel connecting them to organic food consumers.

Creating local social entrepreneurs

Plantonorganic is committed to the job security of citizens. Over the past six months, Plantonorganic’s Organicbizz project has helped hundreds venture into organic entrepreneurship. By launching offline retail organic outlets, connecting to organic farmers and consumers, and thinking digital to reach out to the consumers who spend safe days indoors, this small-scale business model has been able to expand beyond traditional catchment of the organic food business. Enabling wide selection choices, faster deliveries of Plantonorganic products and value-added services, several wannabe businesspersons, women, NRIs who want to start anew and those looking for a career change have been able to bring a positive change to the lives of themselves and the consumers.

Socio-economic empowerment of women farmers

Women farmers and labourers comprise a major chunk of our organic producers. With lesser resources than men, but armed by determination and hard work, women take part in the organic food revolution by taking up all farming jobs from sowing to harvesting and has a higher potential to increase food production. By closing the gender gap and economic inequality in the agriculture sector and ensuring socio-economic empowerment of women, Plantonorganic fixes the faulty economic model, provides them with better-paid jobs, quality life and decision-making power. Women playing a major role in organic food production results in them spending more for nutrition, health care, education and investments.

Plantonorganic Customer Service

The purpose of Plantonorganic customer service is to maintain the trust of our consumers, pay heed to their problems and offer solutions and happiness. Interacting directly with the customers, our staff is focussed on building delightful relationships with our trusted clients and managing products and programmes. Our food experts, well-experienced and trained in organic standards, maintain workplace ethics and undergo regular training to constantly upgrade their know-how and raise the bar on customer experience. Our attempts to listen to customers and understand them to enable improved world-class customer service.


The coronavirus epidemic has taken a toll on organic farmers. It’s time to stand by the farmers who are the backbone of Indian economy. It’s time to act responsibly and treat farmers respectfully for feeding our families with healthy and pesticide-free food. Acknowledging their struggle, Plantonorganic has partnered with small farmers’ cooperatives across the country to source organic food and pay them higher prices in return. Let’s help each other to survive responsibly in a healthy world.

Athul B. Kurian, CEO

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