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  • Organic Egg Masala -100g


    Weight              100g
    Category          Spices Mixes & Seasonings
    Ingredients      Cinnamon powder
    Turmeric powder
    Coriander powder
    Chilly powder
    Black  Pepper powder
    Clove powder
    Cumin powder
    About This Item

    • Easy egg curry with Organic egg masala.
    • Plantonorganic brings to your kitchens, the best of spices mixed organically and delivered to your homes.
    • Plantonorganic Organic Egg masala is perfectly blended chemistry of handpicked premium spices and the best of health.
    • No more worries about going wrong with the masala part of it all.
    • Things get easy for you in the kitchen – simply add Plantonorganic Organic Egg Masala to any sabzi or egg curry and finish off your dish in style.
    • Taste and health guaranteed.
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