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  • Organic Fruit On


    Weight              100g
    Category           Superfood
    Organic Dried papaya,
    Organic Dried mango,
    Organic Dried pineapple
    About This Item

    • NATURAL SOURCE OF VITAMIN C: Plantonorganic’s organic Fruiton is a natural vitamin C supplement as it contains naturally dried organic Papaya, Dried mango, and dried pineapple, freshly plucked at the right time and left to dry naturally. No chemicals or preservatives are added for dehydrating the fruits.
    • HEALTHY AND TASTY SNACK FOR CHILDREN: Children love Fruiton for its fruity citrus taste. The antioxidants contained in Fruiton make you stay refreshed for your entire day.
    • RICH IN FIBRE AND IRON: A perfect choice of snack for healthier digestion, and easy bowel movements.
    • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Plantonorganic partners with organic farmers to source the world’s finest fresh products and stringently adheres to USDA-certified organic, Indian Organic and NPOP standards to deliver superfood that is good for you and good for the planet.
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