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  • Organic Pineapple dried – 50g


    About this Item

    • Snack for weight loss and your diet days. Rich in enzymes and dietary fibre in the form of insoluble fibre, dried pineapple is a good choice of snack that help with your hunger and snack cravings in between meals.
    • As the dietary fibre contained in dried pineapple is in the form of insoluble fibre, it will give you a sense of fullness and not get you binge-eating again.
    • Also, it is always better to choose dried organic pineapple as the pre-dehydrated pineapple will be more nutrient-dense when the pineapple is organic (grown without chemicals) rather than commercially grown pineapples.
    • A good source of antioxidants, and enzymes that help weight loss, dried pineapple is not just a great snack, it is also a super topping for your dishes and is a miracle food when tossed with a few hulled sunflower seeds – your unique pineapple sunflower salad!
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