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Four Reasons to start Organic Diet

Often, we stumble upon this question – what is organic food and why is it better than normal meals? The solution is simple, the term ‘organic’ refers back to the way the meals is prepared. Organic means lesser or no need for chemical compounds, no preservatives, no synthetic flavour or fertilizers, etc. In order for meals to be labelled as natural, they need to be freed from chemical compounds and additives. Now the question is how one does recognize which meals are organic and which food isn’t? You can locate this solution behind the food packaging. If you come upon phrases like – Phthalates, Perfluoroalkyl Chemicals (PFCs), Perchlorate, and Artificial food colours, written on the packaging, it’s best to keep away from it, as they had been grown with chemical substances which could damage the body in the long run. If you’re seeking food that is certified organic, then look for products that are certified by bodies such as FSSAI, USDA Organic, Jaivik Bharat. With the help of these stamps, you can ensure that you will get the best organic food products such as Organic Nutripro plus, Virgin coconut oil etc.
Below are the top four reasons to start having Organic Foods:

  1. No chemicals or pesticides: This is one every of the most important motives why organic food is better for you. The truth is that the vegetation is grown clearly without using any chemical substances or insecticides makes it purer and healthier.
  2. Nitrate levels are lower: Organically grown vegetation also is regarded to have decreased degrees of nitrate. Certain tests have proven that nitrate degrees are 30% decrease in organically grown foods whilst as compared to non-organic food.
  3. High in Nutrition Organic meals is stated to be extra nutritious than traditional foods. A few research have stated that organic produce has better degrees of Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants — which helps in protecting the body from ageing, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.
  4. Safe for the Environment Organic food while being safer and more nutritious to consume, there’s one more motivation why going organic is the best choice – The wellbeing of the environment and society as a whole.
    The prevention of chemicals and pesticides makes it healthier for the environment and for our Indian farmers. This is one of the numerous methods we can contribute to reducing pollution. As we are entering 2022, Coronavirus is still looming across the world. Let’s decide to start eating organic foods to remain fit and healthy

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