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  • Organic Curry Leaves powder – 50g


    Weight              50g
    Category           Spices
    Ingredients      Organic Curry Leaves
    About This Item

    • Curry leaves have been part of Indian cuisine and Ayurveda for centuries. An elixir for thin, dead hair, curry leaves primarily helps with hair loss catalysts especially dandruff.
    • A rich source of iron and folic acid, curry leaves help with anaemia and is a good addition to children’s diet as well.
    • The most popular quality of curry leaves is that it helps in lowering cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) and is a good herb that helps to manage blood sugar levels. Added to any dish, curry leaves give a special deep flavour and fragrance to it and aid quick digestion.
    • The goodness of curry leaves is most of the time destroyed and manipulated with heavy use of chemicals and pesticides on the herb to prolong its shelf life.
    • Plantonorganic’s Organic curry leaves are entirely free of chemicals and pesticides, even during cultivation, procuring, packing, and delivery.
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